Healthy Halloween Round-Up

Boo! Happy Halloween :) I never quite know what to post for Halloween – I know you are super busy (with having a fantastic and fun day) and might not even have the chance to sit and read a blog post or two. So today I thought I would round-up some Healthy Halloween info, so you can find just what you need, read it, and put it into action right away. And then get back to the task at hand – finding a Halloween costume, am I right?! Continue reading

What’s in my Kitchen? Second Edition: Another Week+ of Groceries

Groceries again

A month has gone by and schedules have changed, so I figured it would be a good time to update “Whats in my Kitchen?” with a little tour of my latest grocery haul.

After both the hubs and I being out of town for a long weekend, and then jumping back into a short work week, grocery shopping was a little all over the place last week. I usually head out to Trader Joes for groceries on Friday after class or on the weekend. So last week, I just picked up a few things here and there and by Sunday, our fridge and pantry were both E-M-P-T-Y. Continue reading

Pilates Empowerment Summit and My Trip to Denver

LittleLast weekend, I was in Denver, CO, as a guest of the Pilates Empowerment Summit, hosted by Peak Pilates. While I am not a full-blown Pilates teacher, it was actually practicing years of mat Pilates that drew my attention to yoga, which has led me right to where I am today. Peak Pilates was generous to have me attend the summit and share my experience with all of you, and honestly, it was so much fun I have been dying to share it with you all!

Continue reading