Grocery Shopping Made Easy: From Farm to Table with a CSA

CSAHappy Earth Day folks!

Even if you aren’t feeling super crunchy and hippy this Earth Day, it is a great excuse to ditch the office, head outdoors, and feel the grass under your feet. Celebrating the day doesn’t mean you have to make a huge statement or do some gigantically green to make a difference. Earth Day is about celebrating nature and showing it a little love, which is something we have unintentionally been doing quite a bit at our house. Continue reading

Walk it Out: The Change in My Fitness Routine

walkingLately, I have become a bit lazy in my body. It hasn’t been intentional by any means. In fact, I stopped training and running because I had been a little too intense last year. But lately, my body has felt sluggish, heavy, and less energetic. Being a yoga teacher and a barre teacher means that 6 out of 7 days of the week, I am more active, either standing to teach with an occasional demonstration or going full out and moving with my class. But being a health coach and a writer means lots of time logged at my “desk” and my computer aka sitting. Continue reading

Spruce-It-Up Oatmeal Bowl

Oatmeal BowlA few weeks ago when we were on our mini-vacation, we booked a couple of nights at a brand new hotel in our town. It was only 5 miles away from our house, which meant we could head home to let the dogs out and feed the animals, but it also meant we would be staying in a new room, with room service, coffee, meals, and no messes to clean up. It was the ultimate relaxation for a few days.  Continue reading

Gluten-Free Irish Soda Bread

Irish Soda Bread SlicedHappy St Patrick’s Day!

Every year, we head out to a few festivities, celebrate the day with a parade, a street fair, and some Irish “cuisine” aka Guinness, Green Beer, and green dyed everything. As fun as it can be, I’m not a huge fan of green dye and beer doesn’t agree with my stomach, so when it rained this weekend, I was happy to forgo the activities and instead plan some green and Irish treats for the week ahead. Yesterday we started with a green smoothie bowl, and today, we attempted Irish Soda Bread. Continue reading

Your Healthy Eating Questions Answered!

Healthy Eating 101

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to give a Nutrition Talk to a wonderful group of ladies, from the Wounded Warrior Caregivers Retreat. We talked about a few key ways to figure out the confusion around Healthy Eating (which I will be sharing with you soon), as well as answer some of their questions. It got me thinking about all the questions I receive, from family, friends, and clients, about how to eat healthy. Instead of answering them separately, I thought it would make more sense to put them together. That way you get all your questions answered, as well as have a reference to come back to. Continue reading