Welcome to the first step in living the life you’ve always dreamed of: A vibrantly healthy life full of fun, excitement, and happiness.  

I’m Jessi Andricks, the creator and founder of The House of Healthy.

My mission is to help you find a healthy balance between food, exercise, and fun. I have helped many busy women change their lives through one-on-one coaching, yoga and fitness classes, online programs, and simple lifestyle tweaks. I believe that no two people are exactly the same, so no restrictive diet, workout, or program will work for everyone. My plans and programs feature customizeable options, schedule flexibility, and live coaching sessions, making them as unique as you are. 

Let’s work together to find what works for you  and start living with health, happiness, and a lot more fun!

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You can lose weight, release stress, and move towards your most unreachable goals in 10 Days flat.

10-Days of Customizeable Detox, straight to your inbox

Do what you want, use what works, and leave the rest behind. 

Let me show you how. 

Lighter in 10 Days 

Available in Full Program or 4 separate mini-cleanses

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Jessi Andricks, The House of Healthy

Mission: Happy+Healthy+Energetic
Charleston, South Carolina and beyond


Hi, I’m Jessi Andricks

Healthy+Happy Lifestyle Creator

And I’m on a mission to connect you back to the root of your health and happiness.

I spent years in the wrong career, feeling less than inspired and more than stressed. Then I found my passion. My favorite thing in the world is to help people see their path and help them shine, through pure health and happiness.
I now fill my days doing things that make me sparkle, shine, and radiate. I love my job, love my life, and feel happy and healthy. With a little help, I can get you there too.
I believe everyone deserves to live the life of their dreams. And the key to that is living healthy and feeling happy for the long haul.
Through food, exercise, and deep down stress-busters, you can let go of the things that weigh you down, and live a vibrantly healthy life.
I can show you how.
I’ll give you free recipes, workouts, tips and techniques to get you healthy. I also offer exclusive online group programs and workshops that dig even deeper to help you make changes that will last a lifetime.
I use my skills in health coaching, yoga, and mind-body fitness to create innovative online programs and workshops that will help you eat better, move more, and stress less. Through my programs and workshops, you’ll release the deep-down habits that keep you from reaching your healthy goals, gain energy, and live the life you deserve.
Because when you feel good, everything else starts to come together.
Isn’t it time you lived the life of your wildest dreams?


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