When Pies Fail: Good Pie Gone Bad

bad pieI didn’t plan on sharing this pita chip recipe with you today.  I was going to wait until later this week or next week, and instead share a yummy, delicious peach pie recipe with you. 

I had this brilliant idea that as the weather started to cool off, I would take the last bits of summery peaches and make a peach pie. It would be the perfect summer to fall pie. And I planned on eating it for breakfast ;)

While I’ll still eat it for breakfast, it didn’t go quite as planned. Continue reading

Simple and Quick Homemade Pita Chips

homemade pita chips
I was going to share a pie with you today. A delicious peach pie, but instead, I am sharing these warm and crispy pita chips. Why? Because the pie didn’t turn out quite how I imagined. I may have forgotten a few key ingredients ;)

I’ll share it soon, but until then let’s make a snack.

So instead of pie, today you get the easy and delicious homemade pita chips.

These are one of my favorite weekend snacks for a post-run treat or a healthy  football game snack. They are a fantastic way to use up old pita chips if you make too many, which I usually tend to do.

Instead of letting them go to waste, simply broil them up into crispy, delicious chip – no oil, no frying. But if you don’t watch them, a slight tendency to burn ;) Continue reading

Celebrating Almost 30: Farm Aid Concert+Hike+Art Festival

Organic Grapes
In a few weeks, I hit the big 3-0. So in honor of my Birthday, we took a weekend trip to one of my favorite mini-vacation spots, North Carolina. The weather is slightly cooler, it felt like fall, and we enjoyed plenty of time outside. We also got to cross a mega-item off my “Bucket” list. Ok, so I don’t really have one, but this is an event I’ve been dying to go to: the Annual Farm Aid benefit concert!!

Farm Aid is an organization that stands for sustainable agriculture, helping the farmers, and organic produce. And the founders and board are some of my all-time favorite musicians – Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, Neil Young, and Dave Matthews. Each year they host a festival, and this year they brought it to the South!

The festival music was amazing, the venue was packed, and the food was local and organic – in a word…Perfect.  Continue reading

No-Guilt Broccoli Cheddar Soup

better cheddar

Soup has never been my best dish. I have a few I can make, but most turn out fairly awful, such as a tomato basil bisque with coconut milk, that tasted more like a thai butternut squash. Major fail. After finding the corn and cauliflower runner’s soup recipe in my old Runner’s World training guide, I decided I might be able to change some ingredients and make an old favorite. A soup I hadn’t had in a looooong time, due to a cheese intolerance.  Broccoli Cheddar Soup. Continue reading